Monday, February 16, 2009

My First Video Guitar Ever

This is my first guitar video ever. After 9 years without practice, back to start ako... Canon rock by Jerry C has caught the attention of guitar geeks around the globe, I really like that piece, so I started learning it just after I bought my own guitar last month. After work, I spend an hour to practice my guitar to unleashed the stress...

Hopefully mabuo ko na 'tong canon rock, I really enjoy playing this classical piece.


  1. 'Yan pala ang new guitar mo, Regie? Ayos ah.

    Practice ka lang ng practice, para maabot mo ang gusto mong maabot sa larangan ng musika. 1 month pa nga lang ganyan ka na kagaling! U

  2. hmm.. practice makes perfect.. know you can do it.. hehehe.. sana i post mo rin pag na perfect mo na yang canon rock!..

    love ko rin yang music na yan.. especially classical music!..

    keep it up..

  3. may konting sabit pa parekoy.. pero much better na! konti na lang perpek na! kaya yan!

  4. pre keep it up. alam ko na kaya mo yan pag ginusto mo. ok ka! konting practice pa kasing galing mo na si FUNTWO ng south korea. :-)

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